Afghan Radio App

Afghan Radio is a unique app which will help you to listen to all Afghanistani’s radio live streaming. It is not a matter where you are in the world!

We have collected more than 30 live Afghan radio for you.

This is a very light weight app.

This app is 100% free of cost!

Our collection list of Afghan Radio ยป

* Afghan Talk Radio
* Afghan Voice Radio
* AGF Radio
* Arakozia FM
* Arania FM
* Ariana FM
* Arman FM
* Asia Plus Radio
* Bakhtar Radio
* BBC World Service
* BFBS Afghanistan
* Gorbat Radio
* Kabul Rock Radio
* Nawa Radio
* Radio Afghanistan
* Radio Azadi FM
* Radio Democracy
* Radio Hamasa
* Radio Javan
* Radio Killid
* Radio Srood
* Spogmai Radio

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