Somalia Radio App

Somalian Radio App is an unique app which has almost all radio from Somalia. This app will help you to listen to all live radio from Somalia instantly. Even here you will find the radios which are telecasting outside from Somalia but those are in Somali language.
This is a very light weight app and 100% free!

Our collection list of Somalian Radio:

> BBC Arabic
> Bar Kulan Radio
> BBC Somali
> BBC Caawa iyo Caalamka
> BBC Dunida iyo Maanta
> BBC Idaacadda Duhurnimo
> BBC Idaacadda Subaxnimo
> BBC World Service
> Gobolada Radio
> Radio 24 SI
> Radio Axad
> Radio Banadir
> Radio Daljir
> Radio Daljir Arbaca
> Radio Daljir Jimce
> Radio Daljir Sabti
> Radio Daljir Salaasa
> Radio Dalmar
> Radio Dalsan
> Radio Ergo
> Radio Khamiis
> Radio Kulmiye
> Radio Mogadishu
> Radio Risaala
> Radio Xoriyo
> Somali Radio Lora Swiss
> Voice of America Somali

So, Please Download this App from this link :

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