Tomorrow (Saturday) the people of of Bangladesh will oppose plans to build a coal-fired power plant on the edge of the Sundarbans – a pristine mangrove forest and UNESCO world heritage site. A Cultural Protest Rally will be held in Dhaka where artists, singers and poets will join with the people to express their outrage over the coal plant plans.

The groups organising the protest have reached out to us and asked that we amplify their action internationally. They want UNESCO and a global audience to be made aware of the Bangladeshi peoples’ ongoing struggle to block the development of this this plant. This is a good opportunity to keep building on the momentum of Peoples Climate March and other key mobilisations that have taken place since then, e.g. Pacific Warriors.

So, in order to help them with this GCCA and CAN have put together a digital resource pack with materials that you might want to share through your digital channels today and over the weekend. The pack includes a couple of memes, sample tweets, and sample facebook posts. It’s here:

There is also a blog that puts this action in the broader context of the growing global movement against dirty energy, written by Mark Raven at CAN:

We will be adding to this and updating this pack as photographs get sent to us from the protest.

Please, if you have any materials that you think should be shared in related to this action then add them to the resource pack online.

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