People from all walks of life are fasting to stand in solidarity with vulnerable communities most affected by dangerous climate impacts. By choosing not to eat on the first day of every month, the growing movement of fasters – including many youth groups, environmentalists and faith communities – is calling for government leaders to act to confront the climate crisis.

Already, millions of people have lost their homes and their livelihoods as a result of climate change. Yet government action remains profoundly inadequate and is failing to secure the benefits a clean energy revolution would deliver for people and the planet. The world’s biggest climate fast at COP20 in Lima will remind these governments of their responsibility.

The fast started in December 2013 at COP19, when Philippines negotiator Yeb Sano stopped eating in the wake of typhoon Haiyan, to express his solidarity with those affected and to demand faster progress in the negotiations. Thousands joined him and have kept fasting since. The next fasting day is 1 December, the opening day of COP20.

Who is participating in the Fast?

This is a unique coalition of faith-based organisations, environmental NGOs and youth networks, which has attracted some media interest. Many prominent figures have also joined the fast – including faith leaders, NGO leaders, artists and politicians. For more info please go to:

The opening day of COP20 Lima is expected to be the biggest climate fast in history. Latin American and international NGOs from environmental, development and climate justice networks, a broad range of youth activists, negotiators from across negotiating blocks and other high-profile people in the UN climate talks will join the fast. Many people are hungry for action.

How to support the Fast in Lima?

Apart from fasting on 1 December, there are a number of ways you can choose from to support the Fast for the Climate at COP20. Each and every single offer of support will be much appreciated and contribute to our collective efforts aimed at making sure everyone arriving at COP20 is reminded that climate change is already impacting the vulnerable.

30 November, 17:30 local time, Av. Boulevard in San Borja, outside the Pentagonito

Bring the Fast for the Climate message to the streets of Lima. On the eve of COP20, the Interfaith Council of Peru and Religions for Peace will hold a powerful, candlelit vigil involving people from different backgrounds and, in the process, creating a powerful image for social and traditional media.

Every person at the vigil will hold a candle or “antorcha” in remembrance of those already impacted by climate change. Supporters will be offered Fast for the Climate t-shirts and badges they can wear. This event will be followed by a music concert where prominent fasters will speak. Venue details to be confirmed closer to the date.

1 December, 13:30, Fast for the Climate Photo Opportunity inside COP20

Join us at lunchtime on our global fasting day – which is also the 1st day of the COP (Monday, 1 December) and show your support for the message of the Fast. Fast for the Climate invites all fasters and negotiators to join us for a photo opportunity in the main canteen inside the COP20 conference venue where fasters will sit with empty plates, holding posters with Fast for the Climate song by Desert Rose in the background.

For those interested, there will also be a short discussion about why fasting for climate action resonates with people from around the world. At a press conference afterwards, fasters from faith, youth and NGOs will explain the fast to the media and launch a 365-days fasting chain from Lima to Paris.

Throughout: Spread the word, wear the badge

Please tweet, post or blog about the #fastfortheclimate events and your individual or your organisation’s involvement on 30 November and/or 1 December. Support and follow @fastforclimate on Twitter and Facebook. You can also show your solidarity through wearing a Fast for the Climate badge or t-shirt, find us at the vigil, the P3 Foundation booth or at the canteen stunt!

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