The people of Bangladesh have made up their mind. Now, they are taking to the streets of Dhaka ini colourful and creative protest to say NO to plans for a massive coal plant in the Sundarbans mangrove forest.

The proposed coal plant threatens the Sundarbans – the world’s most pristine mangrove forest, tiger reserve and UNESCO world heritage site. The rich mangrove ecosystem supports millions of people as well as species, and helps protect thousands of communities from the increasing impacts of climate change – like sea level rise.
Artists, singers and poets will lead the Bangladeshi people in protest against the planned coal plant, and they join a growing global movement of brave communities standing up to halt dirty energy expansion.

The protesters want their challenge to this plant to be heard across countries, by people, by governments and by UNESCO. So you can help support the movement and help protect the Sundarbans by sharing this message far and wide.

More and more communities are joining the movement to save the world’s most iconic and beautiful habitats from dirty energy expansion and secure a clean energy future.

This weekend/Today a Cultural Protest Rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh will unite/unites artists, singers, and poets with the people, in a campaign to halt government plans for a massive new coal plant that threatens the Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans is a UNESCO world heritage site – it is the world’s largest pristine mangrove forest supporting millions of species and protecting the region from rising sea levels. Now it joins the Great Barrier Reef on the list of UNESCO world heritage site facing degradation and destruction due to coal industry expansion.

The cultural protesters in Bangladesh line up alongside the Pacific Warriors, who are fighting – in spectacular fashion on the high seas – to protect the Great Barrier reef from the Australian coal industry. They join the people of the Philippines that recently called for an end to dirty coal power and are supporting a group of walkers, who are marching 1000km from Manila to Tacloban to highlight the devastation caused by typhoon Haiyan – an event exacerbated by the effects of fossil fuel addiction.
You can help support the protesters in Dhaka and these other brave communities that are fighting for a cleaner, fairer future by sharing their story.

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