In this site the data will be used in favor for the user. We are collecting data from various ways. The data which is used here is fully owned by the site proprietor only. Without aforementioned permission of this site authority there is no chance to use this data. This is not legal something to do. If anyone do this type of unethical work again and again we will take necessary legal actions.

We collect in various way. One of our main source of data collection is: subscription form. We encourage email. Everyone is welcome to give email to us. Our current email is: info{@} Beside that you can visit our contact page:

If anyone submit data this is his/her responsibility to make sure that data is correct. Though we cross-check the data but sometimes it is too hard to check each and every data. We can assure that everyone’s personal data will be saved but we will not disclose it. Any personal will not be use for commercial use. We have full rights to erase data from this site if the data is not valid or harmful for the site user or for the society or for the site owner.

Another important issues is: it is totally forbidden to submit any illegal or pornographic data or site or any pornographic product into this site. If anyone do this type of illegal activity we will take action against this as soon as possible.

Actually our mission is to give some service to the internet use allover the world. But you know there are some expansion to maintain this site. We have big team. Beside that domain, hosting charge with server maintaining cost also we have to manage. For this reason we need some financial support to run our organization. Generally we collect revenue from advertisement and personal or institutional donation.


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