Senegal Radio in your hand!

Senegal Radio is a unique app from where you can listen all radio from Senegal and beyond. This app which will help you to listen to all Senegal’s radio live streaming and those has music and news. Beside that, you can read latest news from Senegal from ‘News’ tab. This is in French language. So this is not a matter where-ever you are in the world!
We have collected more than 70 live Senegal radio for you.

This is really very light weight app.

Senegal Radio App is 100% free of cost for you!

Our collection list of Senegal Radio ยป

* Africa No1 Paris
* BBC World Service
* Allodakar Radio
* Al Quran Live Radio
* BoppuKogn avec Tekhe Gaye
* Convergence FM
* Dakar FM
* Dakar FM RTS
* Dakar Musique
* Diamalahi FM
* Diourbel FM
* Djida FM
* English Music
* Houda FM
* Jikke FM
* Kaolack FM
* Lamp Fall FM
* Lamp FM Kaolack
* Lamp FM Touba
* Le Coran
* Leeral FM
* Maack FM
* Pikine Biz Radio
* Pikine Diaspora Radio
* Quran Radio
* Radio Afia
* Radio Alfayda
* Radio Bambilor FM
* Radio Faydatidianiya
* Radio Futurs Medias
* Radio Haero Lao
* Radio Modou New York
* Radio Pulaar
* Radio Rewmi
* Radio RFM Senegal
* Radio Senegal International
* Radio Soninkara
* Radio SunuKer
* Radio Talibe
* Radio Thiossane
* Radio Xassida Online
* Rap Djolof
* RFI Afrique
* Sama Radio
* Seneweb Radio
* Sen Radio
* Sud FM
* Takussanou Djolof
* Tamba FM
* Tam Tam Online
* Tijanya FM
* Walf FM
* Xalima Radio
* XamSaDine Radio
* XamSaDine Radio Alquraan
* Zik FM
If you want to download this app from Google Play Store then please visit this link:

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