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In the weeks since the People’s Climate March organisations have been talking together in a whole range of conversations about ‘What’s next’ for the climate movement, for example at the Bonn UN Intersessional. As part of that process a call took place on 28th October to discuss public mobilization opportunities in 2015 and through to 2016 – see notes of the call here. An agreed action point was for Mareike and Angelique put together a short document outlining where discussions are up to which is here

In taking this forward we are keen to ensure we understand the range of views from across the movement on the purpose of public mobilisation efforts at different moments building through 2015, into 2016 as well as any emergent plans of different organisations. We therefore ask that you complete a short survey by Thursday 20th November that will enable us to bring together views from across the movement.

It’s a short piece – which won’t take long to complete. Ideally at least one person from your organization who is involved with planning public mobilisation work in 2015+ would respond (and if more than one from the same organisation happens to respond then that’s not a problem at all).


Purpose of survey

1. To understand perspectives on what mobilisation efforts of the climate movement should seek to achieve at key moments through 2015 and into 2016 (which in turn informs decisions on which key moments, where, on which issues)

2. To get a sense of what particular organisations are thinking around mobilisation efforts – and to bring those ideas together to share with each other

3. Any views on what is good / bad for coordination efforts


What happens next?

With responses completed by 20th November we will analyse / summarise the results and discuss / share on a call on Wednesday 26th November 15h GMT (16h CET / 9h Eastern). We will also circulate a summary in writing. The input will be invaluable for discussions that will take place to strategise / plan mobilisation in 2015-16 at the UN Climate Negotiations in Lima in the first 2 weeks of December.

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