Pahela Boishakh

Tobacco farming is a significant cause of deforestation in Bangladesh and about 30 per cent of the deforestation is caused for the farming in the hilly districts, reads a report on the Daily Dhaka Tribune on November 22, 2014 by an ATMA Member – Abu Bakar Siddique.

Forest officials alleged that the incentivize cultivation of tobacco in the hill tracts particularly in Bandarban district is majorly responsible for the problem, according to the report. Estimations have found that about 1,050, 000 bales of tobacco (1 bale equals to 40kgs) produced in the hill districts, annually and some 60,000 tonnes of firewood is required to bake the tobacco leaves. The firewood is collected from the nearby forests which also impacted on bio-diversity, mentioned on the report.
The detail of the report with the link is attached herein for your convenience.

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