Children engaged into tobacco farming and processing either by payment or as a part of familial help in different parts of Faridpur district is leading them to uncertainty, according to a report by eminent journalist Shiekh Siraj on Channel I on April 17, 2014. Following the report, majority of the school going children drop out of schools to help in tobacco processing and majority of the children remain absent from attending classes during the tobacco harvesting season. Child labour is turning prominent in tobacco processing for their cheap availability and even children who are under-aged for school are also engaged into the processing. As per the Bangladesh Labour Law, the minimum age for employment is 14 which is being extremely violated in the tobacco plantations across the country.

The nation cannot prosper if her future leaders are engaged into child labour instead of education. The respective authority should look into the matter and take necessary actions to eliminate child labour from tobacco farming.To watch the report please keep your eyes today on Channel I news or visit the following link:

Besides, another report by Shiekh Siraj on the same channel on April 16, 2014 informs that tobacco farming is entering into Boalmari under Faridpur district and the farmers are inspired by tobacco companies in different ways (agro-inputs, loans etc.) to grow tobacco more on their lands and consequently the food croplands are turning into tobacco plantations in the district which is a severe threat to the food security, lands fertility and public health as well.

Details of the reports will be available on the following link:

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